Quandec, a platform for end users of mathematical models

01 de October de 2020 Blog by Cassotis Consulting

Frequently, what prevents a greater use of mathematical models in corporate and industrial contexts is the difficulty to develop a simple, user-friendly interface. Something that allows analysts and decision-makers without prior knowledge of mathematical models and computer programming to start using the models, conducting analyses, and tests that enable making good choices based on optimized results.


The problems begin when editing and updating data. Many end users are excluded from this process because many times, it is necessary to know programming language in order to update the data. Viewing the results is another issue. Usually, the results are displayed in a graphical intuitive manner, hindering interpretation. Finally, the creation of more elaborate analysis and what-if scenarios can become extremely strenuous work, as is it time-consuming and affects user productivity and effectiveness.


Quandec, a platform created by Cassotis and used by our consultants during the projects, aims to solve these problems, in addition to offering many resources. Through easy, quickly developed interfaces, the end-users are able to work more efficiently and make increasingly assertive and agile decisions.


The platform provides a clear and global view of the results. Numbers for the main KPIs, different tables and a large amount of types of charts allow you to customize the screens to better represent the data used and the results presented. Furthermore, altering and editing data becomes practical, whether using the platform, its connection with Excel or with Web Services calls.


Combined with easy data edition is the possibility of creating countless scenarios. Quandec’s structure allows the user to develop different databases, which can be compared to identify how results change due to different conditions. Tests such as sensitivity analysis can also be conducted, making it easier to understand the impact of parameters and variables in the solution.



The use of a collaborative platform is needed to make the works more dynamic and promote greater interaction among the users involved. Quandec allows different users to access simultaneously and work together, sharing their scenarios and allowing other colleagues to edit and comment.


Static models can become evolutive through Quandec’s internal regressions tool. It is possible to load historical data, exclude and define which is the best regression to be applied to the model, so that it is always gauged with the current reality of processes.


Using mathematical models to help make decisions does not have to become a nightmare for those who have this task. Through the right platform, the end-users of these models can actually employ their knowledge and experiences to analyze and identify the best decisions to be made. Without a doubt, Quandec is the right tool to help you quantify your decisions.


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