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30 de September de 2021 Blog by Cassotis Consulting

Quandec is a robust scenario-based optimization platform developed by Cassotis. It has an unlimited development environment and can communicate with mathematical solvers or homemade heuristics. The platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface designed to help decision-makers create and compare scenarios to analyze the results of the optimization. InQuandec, a platform for end-users of mathematical models”, we talked about its value proposition and main uses. This time, we list all the functionalities and technical advantages for users and developers.




  • Analyze the results from the optimization
    • Compare scenarios filtering the most important differences between them
    • Present the results in the most appropriate way to streamline the analysis using graphical resources such as charts, dynamic tables, gantt, among others
  • Test multiple assumptions in different scenarios to make robust decisions
  • Make recurring analysis in a few clicks (using scripts)
  • Perform sensitivity analyses on any parameter or variable of the model
  • Manage the input data and set bounds on the variables from the user interface
  • Focus on analysis and results. The models’ complexity is in the background


Data Interactions 


  • Store data in a dedicated Data Warehouse
  • Mark some data as indicators and monitor it against your optimization results
  • Make multivariate regressions from your data and use the resulting equation in the optimization model





  • Optimize any type of problem such as planning, scheduling, supply chain, etc.
  • Choose among commercial and open-source solvers (as well as home-made heuristics). Quandec is not exclusive to any solver provider.
  • Import workbooks, export tables or copy-paste values from Excel® 
  • Integrate other systems through generic web services 
  • Receive automatic email when something important happens, i.e. a long-run has completed, someone commented or made changes to your scenarios or has shared something with you.
  • Share your scenarios and analyses with your colleagues




  • Standardize the usage of a unique platform for several optimization projects
  • Host several mathematical models (share solver license cost)
  • Create GUI within 2 days, without any programming (for modelers)
  • Find the best kind of license: Web platform or Standalone
  • Get the most cost-effective platform on the market


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