Make optimization models accessible

to everyone

What is Quandec?

No proprietary format: use your preferred editor and versioning system

Benefit from all AMPL language features

GUI creation in less than 2 days, without any programming

No need of knowledge in Operations Research to be an end user

Run optimization in various conditions (scenarios)

Intuitive & user-friendly

Recurrent decisions based on the result of analyses (scripts)

Discover all the features

Create, analyze and compare scenarios

Run your optimization models with different hypotheses. Analyze the sensitivity of key parameters and variables. Compare the results to make robust decisions.

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QuanDec is developed and maintained by Cassotis Consulting.

We initially created QuanDec for our own need of packaging our mathematical models into an easy-to-configure graphical user interface. The nice features of the platform come from years of feedback from our customers that intensively used our models in a big structure involving many users and data.