Rationality and optimization

For almost ten years, the Belgian-Brazilian consultancy has contributed to the digital transformation of large companies worldwide, leading projects in more than ten countries in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.


Our purpose is to make our customers more economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable by making better decisions. We design, implement and deploy customized solutions with prescriptive analysis that bring significant impacts and results to the client.


Carrying out a project with us is having the security of working with a specialized, focused team with differentiated service since we have in-depth knowledge and experience applying mathematical optimization and all the problems involved. Moreover, with a quick learning capacity in the most varied sectors, with Cassotis, any company has confidence in positive results using our solutions.

Our vision

Our vision

Bring rationality to decision-making in organizations.

Our mission

Our mission

Improve our customers' decisions through tailored solutions based on optimization models and algorithms.

Our methodology

Our methodology

We are customer and results-oriented. Our experience in consulting and intuitive optimization platforms turns complex decision processes into clear and objective studies.

Our team

Our team

Our team comprises consultants with solid training and experience applying Operations Research internationally. Besides that, they can conduct projects in different languages.

Our values

Integrity. Transparency. Commitment. Collaboration.

Excellence. Availability. Challenge. Justice. Coaching.


Foto Bruno Coppé
Bruno Coppé: Partner
Engineer in Materials Science the Université Catholique de Louvain and MBA in Finance the University of Chicago, Bruno has more than 27 years of experience as CEO and Partner in different companies, including McKinsey and other consulting firms.

Bruno brings his experienced vision in the strategic and organizational fields. In addition, he is Cassotis' reference to better serve our customers in performance improvement projects that require change management.
Foto Emmanuel Marchal
Emmanuel Marchal: Founder and Managing Partner
Emmanuel has more than 16 years of experience conducting and leading high-value projects in many sectors worldwide. In 2014, he founded Cassotis intending to implement innovative solutions in prescriptive optimization helping companies improving their decision making.

His initial work at Cassotis had been dedicated to creating a generic platform hosting optimization models used in most of our projects. Nowadays, he is working on the company's business development and acting as a technical reference, combining high analytical skills, expertise in mathematical modelling and knowledge of microeconomics.
Foto Fábio Silva
Fábio Silva: Managing Partner
Fábio has over 10 years of experience applying modeling and optimization In Latin America and Europe. Since joining Cassotis in 2015, Fábio developed projects for the steel and ceramics industries, focused on delivering optimization solutions to support better result-oriented decisions.

As the newest managing partner, he is internally in charge of team operations efficiency while participating in development and implementation projects, acting as one of Cassotis’ technical references.

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