The benefits of a complete optimization solution

Ícone Easy results’ analysis

Easy results’ analysis

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Cassotis’ solutions enable the overall visualization of results and main KPIs to the smallest detail to explain a decision.

Ícone User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

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The technologies used by Cassotis are the most intuitive and simple to use, even for those who are not professionals in operations research.

Ícone What-if analysis

What-if analysis

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Decisions can be evaluated under different conditions. Cassotis’ solutions have several features, including scenarios comparison and sensitivity analysis.

Ícone Collaboration between users

Collaboration between users

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The most complex decisions involve several people who need to agree on a single decision. Therefore, the tool delivered at the end of the project allows simultaneous access and collaborative work. They are trained throughout the project to use Cassotis’ solution in the best way possible.

Ícone Improve your responsiveness

Improve your responsiveness

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Cassotis’ models are parametrized to ease the results’ analysis to make the best decisions in a reduced time.

Ícone Gather Knowledge

Gather Knowledge

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All knowledge captured by Cassotis’ consultants will be incorporated into the solution. It will be available to future professionals who will aggregate new findings.


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For us it is essential to build a relationship of trust and credibility with our customers.

Foto Guilherme Liziero
“We have implemented Cassotis' model customized for our integrated steel plant at Ouro Branco. The model based on our production data and the features of Quandec improved and speeded up our decision-making process. We now optimize our purchases and quantify any decision with a global vision.”
Guilherme Liziero Ironmaking Technical Consultant - GERDAU
Foto Jean François Peters
“Cassotis built a model of our Operations that properly reproduces the complexity of our production flows, while being generic enough to let us further develop it. They could cope with our specific requirements and came up with fitting and robust technology choices. We now consider Cassotis as a trustable and preferred optimization partner.”
Jean François Peters Group Supply Chain Manager - Lhoist
Foto Usiminas
“The project we carried out integrated the productive areas of Ipatinga's plant. In addition to their expertise, one of the highlights of working with Cassotis is the customer service and availability of the consultants. And this, from the implementation process to the post-project support.”
Usiminas Industrial Engineering
Foto Vinícius Ricardo Lima de Deus
“A few months after concluding the project with Cassotis, we could already achieve higher planning accuracy and improvement in our results. We observed a significant cost reduction compared to the spreadsheet we were using to make monthly decisions for the procurement of the raw material used in the furnaces.”
Vinícius Ricardo Lima de Deus Industry 4.0 - Gerdau

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