Cassotis Consulting announces a new partner

January 02, 2023 Blog by Cassotis Consulting

Cassotis is happy to announce Fábio Silva as its newest Partner. Since he joined Cassotis as a consultant, Fábio has always shared his passion for mathematical optimization and showed the desire to make a difference, both internally and in the projects. His brilliant journey so far makes Emmanuel Marchal and Bruno Coppé, the current Partners, very confident of the future.


Talking to Fábio about this challenge, he said that he is very excited about his new role and the future they are planning together for Cassotis. "Of course, this is a great personal achievement and I'm very excited about it. Since I started at Cassotis, I knew it was a possible evolution for me and I dedicated myself to get there! I always believed in the business, in its purpose, and in all the people involved. I want to thank all my colleagues, our clients, and my new partners. The experience we have acquired together is putting us on track to achieve even greater results applying OR to decision-making.", said Mr. Silva.


Mr. Marchal hopes that "Fábio, who is the first to reach this level, inspires other consultants to follow the same path. Cassotis was built on believing in people and their potential. When a person is determined, shares the same dream, and fights for the same goal, success is achieved. Fábio's experience and professional development bring new perspectives to Cassotis. We all look forward to the many positive impacts of this promotion."


This is only the first great piece of news from the company for 2023. Cassotis is working on reinforcing its business, culture, and structure to create even more space to grow in a healthy and sustainable environment. The focus will be on delivering significant results by applying operations research to the industry. There is much to expect from the prescriptive analytics world, and Cassotis aims at being a lead competitor in the field.