Cassotis Consulting conducts optimization project in India

June 09, 2023 Blog by Cassotis Consulting

Cassotis Consulting has achieved yet another great milestone in its history by launching a mathematical optimization project in the Asian market with Jindal Stainless Limited (JSL), the largest stainless-steel company in India and currently among top 10 stainless steel conglomerates in the world. 


The international project reinforces the acknowledgment of Cassotis’ capacity to conduct processes on a global scale and fulfill their goal of making organizations more economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable by implementing and deploying impactful customized solutions driven by operations research. 


Emmanuel Marchal, Founder and Managing Partner of Cassotis, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Jindal Stainless Limited, which has gone through several phases that attested to the capacity of the Brazilian company in the most diverse sectors. “Being chosen to conduct this project was a construction that went through relationship and technical capacity, but mainly through in-depth knowledge of the steel market and success in previous projects," highlights Marchal. 


For this project, Cassotis' consulting work will involve replacing the existing blending models with an integrated model extended to the steelmaking processes. The system, scheduled for delivery after an estimated 5-month project duration, will provide a high-performance and efficient environment for analysis and decision-making. Among the challenges addressed by Cassotis throughout the project's structure are material blending optimization in furnaces, production allocation to plants and production routes, as well as raw material procurement and allocation. Emmanuel Marchal and Cassiano Lima, Manager at Cassotis Consulting, recently visited the plants involved in the project in India to discuss the practical aspects of the model. 


In a statement, JSL’s COO, Jagmohan Sood, shares that Jindal Stainless Limited is undergoing a transforming to spread the value of Industry 4.0 in India. "We have recently collaborated with Cassotis to incorporate a new optimization model with an innovative approach and a more suitable analytical environment”, the COO points out. 


Sood also endorses Emmanuel Marchal’s statement, by saying that Cassotis has been selected based on their portrayal of experience and results orientation in the field of mathematical optimization that they have achieved in partnership with other steel plants. “We hope this partnership may lead to incremental performance improvements by integrating the right blend of materials at the right time, along with technology to be deployed by Cassotis.” 


Driven by their focus on results, Cassotis is confident in the success of the project and the realization of the estimated gains estimated during preliminary analyses. They believe their contribution will positively impact JSL's results, positioning them as a key partner in the industry's pursuit of innovation and excellence.