Hello, World! of mathematical programming

July 07, 2021 Ebooks by Cassotis Consulting

Hello, World! 


For any person who has ever taken a course or tutorial on a programming language, this last phrase is well known. Its tradition started with one of the first successful large-scale languages: C. In the book The C Programming Language (1978), authors Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie selected the phrase to exemplify the program printing syntax, which the user of the program would be able to see at a terminal or screen display. With the evolution of programming languages, the need for simple examples for the software syntax persisted, so the Hello, World! became the go-to case of introductory programming.


Although mathematical modeling does not have a universal problem to present its concepts to beginners, there is a classical approach often used. It involves a small representation of a business decision, normally with a couple of constraints and levers, which can be easily solved by drawing them on a chart.


Inspired by those examples this ebook’s objective is to serve as an introduction to their combination in the use of mathematical programming languages. It shows how to translate a model of a mathematical problem for the following tools: Python, Java, C++, AMPL, and Excel.

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