Optimization model for the steel industry

June 21, 2021 Blog by Cassotis Consulting

Emmanuel Marchal, the Managing Partner of Cassotis Consulting, has conducted a virtual seminar about our solution "Raw materials and production costs optimization in the steel industry". In this seminar, he presented how Advanced Analytics and Mathematical Modeling help decision-makers to make better decisions in large industries to maximize profits or reduce costs.


In iron and steelmaking processes, most of the decisions involve many trade-offs across the production chain. Furthermore, they may be limited by operational or environmental restrictions. With such complexity, it is simply impossible for a human, even if assisted by Excel spreadsheets, to make decisions considering all their global impacts.


The objective of this seminar was to show how important a mathematical model is to make integrated decisions, based on quantitative analysis. Some highlights of the presentation are: the use cases of the model, its benefits and the estimated payback based on recurrent savings.


Another noteworthy moment was the demonstration of the solution. Fábio Silva, Senior Manager at Cassotis, gave an overview of the tool, going through the main screens and showcasing the most relevant features. 


Additionally, the seminar illustrated Cassotis’ methodology and showed how steelmakers save millions every year by optimizing their strategic and tactical decisions. Besides, this live seminar was an incredible opportunity to interact with the audience and to answer very interesting questions.


If you missed it, you will be pleased to know that the seminar is available on our youtube channel. Follow our LinkedIn to stay informed on future webinars and e-seminars.