Where does the name Cassotis come?

June 05, 2020 Blog by Cassotis Consulting

In Ancient Greece, it was customary for people to consult the gods before making important life decisions. Priestesses, such as Pythia in the temple dedicated to the god Apollo in Delphi, interpreted the divine signs.


Cassotis is the name of a water spring located near this temple. According to the legend, drinking this water and chewing laurel leaves were part of Pythia’s ritual on the day she welcomed people who consulted her.


Just like the waters Cassotis were a source of inspiration to Pythia, who may have been one of the first consultants in History to help people make important decisions, we too seek the same inspiration to help our customers. We simply changed the divine dimension for mathematics, which was greatly developed in this same region, at the same time... but this is a topic for another post!