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Reduction optimizer at Ouro Branco plant

Client:Gerdau Açominas
Sector:Steel and Metal Industry
Optimization type:Process


Founded in 1986, Gerdau Açominas is one of the most important steelmakers in Brazil. The plant, located in the municipality of Ouro Branco, has the capacity to produce three million tons of steel per year. It exports approximately 70% of its production to several countries, becoming one of the largest steel exporters in Brazil.


Presidente Artur Bernardes integrated plant in Ouro Branco has the capacity to produce 3 million tons of steel per year. The annual budget exercise and its monthly reviews require an overall alignment of the decisions of each process that impact subsequent processes. Gerdau was looking for a tool that integrated all the reduction processes, together with the melt shop, to reduce the cost of steel.


We customized our steelmaking process optimization model in the scope of the coking plant, sintering machines, blast furnaces, desulfurization and primary refining. In chemical balances, we particularly focus on the sulfur chain considering the economic, operational safety and production bottleneck impacts. The model also integrates the quality variables of the coke produced with the performance in the blast furnaces.


The model became a corporate decision tool at the plant. All changes to mix or specification are optimized by the model. The analyzes previously made in spreadsheets with many simplifications are now done quickly and assertively. The use of the model provided a significant reduction in the cost of steel production.

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