Integrated optimization of Ternium Argentina plant (Siderar)

Sector:Steel and Metal Industry
Optimization type:Process


Ternium is the largest steel manufacturer in Argentina. The company prepares and processes a wide range of products with high added value, with the most advanced technology and the strictest quality, safety and environmental standards.


Ternium Argentina used its own physical-chemical models, developed in Excel, integrating part of the steelmaking processes. They sought a better usability of the models and to expand the scope by integrating energy balances and auxiliary processes, such as oxygen and calcination plant. Then, they contacted Cassotis to implement a global model for the plant in an interface easy to use by multiple users.


We have incorporated Ternium's own models in our customized solution for steel plants in Quandec, our multi-user web platform. The model optimizes all steel processes integrated with the generation of energy and oxygen with a focus on reducing the marginal cost of production. The nonlinear model also contains equations that can be changed directly the user interface (supplied or not with production data).


The broader integration of decisions has led to greater cost savings. It also drastically increased the number of people who can use the model, consolidated with all the knowledge of the plant, and thus improved process, purchase and other decisions.
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